App for online court ordered classes helps attorneys refer clients quickly

Online Classes for California at Tom Wilson Counseling Center We have developed a simple app for attorneys to quickly refer clients to online classes for California court.  Be sure to have court approval for online classes before enrolling.  Each state has different requirements.  You can check state requirements by visiting

Online classes are a great solution for those who received a citation in one state and live in another state.  Also, for those unable to attend a live class in their area.

Visit to download the app.

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Web Based Interventions Effective in Treatment of Substance Abuse

A new study in the American Journal Of Psychiatry (Volume 171, Issue 6, June 2014) shows that incorporating the web-based educational intervention in the treatment of drug abuse can not only help people stop using drugs, but can also keep them in treatment longer.

TES is a web-based version of the Community Reinforcement Approach plus Contingency Management, a packaged approach with demonstrated efficacy.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the NIH, funded this study.
TES consists of 62 interactive modules that teach patients how to achieve and maintain abstinence from drug use and includes prize-based motivational incentives to encourage adherence to treatment.  Patients given TES were less likely to drop out of treatment than those in the control group.  Also, the web-based intervention helped patients stay abstinent from drug use, even those who were not abstinent at the beginning of the study.  With such findings, web-based interventions like TES are promising ad…

National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction Reveals Hidden Pitfalls of Criminal Convictions

National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction Reveals Hidden Pitfalls of Criminal Convictions:   Persons convicted of crime are subject to a wide variety of legal and regulatory sanctions and restrictions in addition to the sentence imposed by the court. These so- called “collateral consequences” of conviction have been ebacted without coordiantion between state and federal codes.
My DUI clients only become aware of all of the penalties and disabilities triggered by conviction of a particular offense when they apply for a professional license such as mortgage officer or broker (see California restrictions iusing this inventory). 
Through the National Inventory, each jurisdiction’s collateral consequences will be made accessible to the public through a website that can be searched and sorted by categories and keywords.  
The website makes it possible for criminal and civil lawyers to determine which collateral consequences are triggered by particular categories of off…

Survey of California Courts that Accept Tom Wilson Counseling Online DUI Classes for Out of State Offenders

California Courts Accepting Tom Wilson Counseling Online DUI Classes  for Out of State DUI Offenders A recent survey of California courts that approved Tom Wilson Counseling Center's online DUI classes for out of state offenders was recently published and made available in graphical form for Attorneys and probation officers at a California Probation Association Conference. Here are the results:

Avoid Mistakes for Out-of-State DUI Offenders in Riverside County, California

DUI in Riverside County but live in another state? Tom Wilson, MA, LCPC NEW LOWER PRICES FOR 32-78 Hour Classes!

Did you get a DUI in Riverside County, California but live out of state?  Chances are you had an Attorney represent you in court where you entered a plea and went to final sentencing.  You were told to pay a fine and complete an Online 3 month AB541 DUI Class to meet California’s court requirements. However, there is one simple mistake made by out-of-state residents that has led to Riverside County issuing a warrant for non-compliance. This mistake can dramatically increase the time it takes to resolve your case.
At sentencing, all persons sentenced for a DUI in Riverside County are given a notice to report to the Riverside County Drinking Driver Programs located in Indio and Riverside, California. Failing to report to the program can result in a warrant for non-compliance, even if they sign up for classes ahead of time. The Drinking Driver Program provides of…

California 1650 Waiver Packet

1650 Waiver Packet for California DMV You are eligible for the 1650 waiver packet after your suspension is up. Usually you request a packet about one month before your suspension has expired. After you receive a 1650 waiver packet, you are not required to complete classes for the DMV.  You get one in a lifetime. This will terminate the action against the driver's license. This waives privileges to have a license or drive in California for three years. If you want a license within 3 years you have to complete classes in California.
DMV Mandatory Actions Unit
Phone: 916-657-6525
PO Box 942890
Sacramento, CA 94290

26 Hour Online Deferred Entry of Judgment Drug Diversion Class: $450.00

DUI in California and live OUT of STATE? Tom Wilson Counseling and TeleHealth Center offers approved programs for out-of-state residents who received a DUI in California.

12 Hour Online DUI Wet-Reckless SB 1176 Program : $225.00
32 Hour / 3 Month First Offender or AB 541 Program : $480.00
45 Hour / …